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Ever have an opportunity that's wholly unexpected, and yet turns out to be one of the most rewarding?  Today I had one such encounter.  May 6, 2005, around 7:15 or so, I went downstairs to make myself dinner (consisting of a Stouffer's microwave frenchbread pizza, a cup of Reese's puffs, and a 12-oz bottle of Pepsi, to be specific)...when i noticed motion out of the corner of my eye.  Looking up, I noticed a flock of deer going about their business in my backyard.  Food forgotten, I ran upstairs to grab my camera, and upon my return, I snapped the following photos.  They came out extraordinarily well, and they serve as a reminder that even in this hostile world, innocence can still be found, sometimes as close as your own back yard.  Have a look: